More Than Just an Addition to Your Compost: 7 Creative Uses for Coffee Grounds


Everyone loves the convenience of pod-style coffee makers. However, if you aim to be eco-friendly in your day-to-day life, you may be surprised about the tremendous amount of trash these coffee makers generate. Luckily, you can enjoy your coffee pods while saving the environment from unnecessary waste with Recycle a Cup®. Our device allows you to easily separate the components of your Keurig® K-Cups into recyclable, compostable bits. You can then recycle the aluminum pod top and plastic cup and compost the filter and coffee grounds. You don’t have to choose between an earth-friendly lifestyle and your favorite coffee maker when you use Recycle a Cup® to create compostable K-Cups!

Of course, when you disassemble the K-Cups, you will still need a plan for what to do with the leftover coffee grounds and filters. Did you know that there are many uses for coffee grounds all around your home besides composting coffee grounds?

Let’s take a closer look at seven ideas for using leftover coffee grounds:

1. Garden Fertilizer

Those who wish to grow lovely flowers, tasty vegetables, and beautiful trees and shrubs may find themselves relying on harsh chemical fertilizers to give their plants what is needed. However, there’s a better way! You can use coffee grounds as an all-natural, plant-based fertilizer by sprinkling them around your plants.

Of course, you can also practice coffee composting. If you have ever wondered, “Can you put coffee grounds in compost?” or “Are coffee filters compostable?” The answer is absolutely. Coffee composting is a great way to reduce the trash that goes out to the landfill each week while benefiting your garden. You can also compost coffee filters in the exact same way that you compost the coffee grounds.

2. Insect Repellent (It’s a Natural Pesticide!)

Coffee has certain compounds in it that are poisonous to mosquitos, fleas, and other insects. Slugs and snails don’t like crawling over coffee grounds either, so if you toss them around your plants, you will protect the plants from being eaten by these pests.

To repel biting insects, set out bowls of coffee grounds around outdoor seating areas, or you can simply lay the coffee grounds on the soil underneath where you like to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Flea Repellent

Did you know that you can use coffee grounds on your pets as a natural way to repel fleas? Rub your used coffee grounds on your pet’s fur, getting as close to their skin as possible. Then, rinse the coffee grounds away. This may not be very effective for heavily infested animals, but it may work well if you’re trying to be proactive.

4. Cleaning Scrub

If you want to avoid harsh, chemical cleansers in your household, try using coffee grounds as an abrasive cleaner. You can use these to scour your sink and tub or clean anything that needs a good scrubbing.

5. Odor Neutralizer

Did you know that coffee grounds have nitrogen, a gas that can neutralize other odor-causing gasses? Bowls of coffee grounds placed in the refrigerator, closet, or basement can help absorb smelly odors. You can also put them in your gym locker, car, or in your dresser drawers to help eliminate foul smells in these places.

6. Substrate to Grow Mushrooms

Most mushrooms will only grow in certain conditions with a particular kind of substrate. Did you know coffee grounds provide just the perfect conditions for mushrooms to grow? They’re also packed with nutrients they need. Simply add the mushroom spawns and keep the bag of coffee grounds in a warm place — they will grow in no time!

7. Natural Skin Exfoliator

There is no need to buy expensive specialized skin products if you are a wise consumer. Many things that are found in your kitchen can be used to create all-natural beauty products. Coffee grounds are one of these items. You can use them as an exfoliant to remove dead skin and refresh your appearance. Just mix used coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil and use it as a scrub on your face, body, or hands.

You can still enjoy K-Cup coffee every day when you use the Recycle a Cup® cutter to create wonderful compostable products. We are the #1 eco-friendly solution for enjoying pod-style coffee while caring for the environment. Contact us today to learn more!