Coffee Pod Recycling Options

Check With Your Local Municipality

Not all municipalities will accept coffee pod plastic.  Currently there is no universal recycling standard in the U.S. market and each recycling facility maintains its own material capture equipment, policies and procedures.  It is becoming more common for local towns and cities to accept pods made of #7 plastic as part of their curbside or office pickup.  If your local facility does not accept this type of plastic, there are alternatives listed below.

Ship Directly to the Recycle A Cup® Cutter Team

  • You can send the separated plastic pods to us at Medelco and we will recycle the pods ourselves.
  • Since the plastic pods nest together, even several hundred pods won’t take up much space.
  • Collect a large quantity and send them in a couple times a year.
  • Please mail to: Medelco, Incorporated Att: RAC Processing 54 Washburn Street Bridgeport, CT 06605 Phone: 203.275.8070

  • If your local recycling center can’t take the separated pod plastic, search in your larger regional area using the “Recycle Search” at Earth
  • Collect a large quantity and drop them off once or twice a year.
  • Consider starting a collection box at your school or in your community for the used pod plastic.

Why Recycle?

When each one of us contributes in a small way to living in a more sustainable community, our collective efforts can show the real Power of Recycling. Recycling conserves our natural resources like forests, water and minerals, protecting and preserving the planet for our children. It reduces the waste that builds up in our landfills and goes into incinerators. Recycling also reduces the production of greenhouse gases caused by the extraction and processing of raw materials. This saves energy by reducing the need to extract and process those raw materials. Recycling also helps create new and needed jobs for both the recycling industry as well as manufacturing. Please do your small part to help.

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