Recyclable Coffee Pods in PackagingRecyclable Coffee Pods in Packaging
A simple solution
to a complex problem

Works with single
cup coffee pods including
K-Cup® pods
Empty PP K-CupsEmpty PP K-Cups

Did you know that intact
K-Cup® pods can't be recycled?

• Nearly 20 billion coffee pods will be consumed this year
• Most of which enter landfills, not decomposing
• That’s enough waste to circle the earth over 12 times
Gray Eco-Friendly Coffee Pod for KeurigGray Eco-Friendly Coffee Pod for Keurig

Recycle A Cup® helps make your
coffee pods totally recyclable

Introducing the Recycle A Cup®

Works with single cup coffee
pods including K-Cup© pods

3 Simple Steps...
Recycle a Cup DirectionsRecycle a Cup Directions

3 Simple

Recycle or Repurpose Your Coffee Pods

We all love our coffee and the convenience of K-Cup Pods! But what we don’t like is how most coffee pods end up in landfills. Unfortunately, a used K-Cup Pod in its current form is NOT recyclable, and US households go through a lot of them – an estimated 20 billion a year. That’s enough waste to circle the earth almost 12 times!

Your Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Recycle A Cup is your eco-friendly solution for properly recycling or repurposing your used coffee pods. A used coffee pod with the grinds still inside is not compostable. Our patented device allows you to cut and separate coffee grounds from the plastic pod quickly. Once the plastic pod, foil lid, and coffee grounds are all separated, you are then able to recycle K-Cup Pods as well as their foil lids.

How We Make Pods Recyclable – in Three Easy Steps

Load. Twist. Separate. That’s it! Wait for your used coffee pod to cool, and then load it into the Recycle A Cup. Press both green buttons and hold them down as you twist once completely around the pod. Then release both buttons and separate the upper part of the pod from the plastic. It’s that simple, and you are now ready to recycle K-Cup Pods!

Where to Recycle

You can recycle your used coffee pod plastic and foil lids through your local municipality (check their policies and procedures) or  We created Recycle A Cup because we believe in contributing to a more sustainable community. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our product so we can help take steps to preserve our environment together.