How Recycle A Cup Works

3 Steps - 2019

How It Works

Not all pods are exactly the same.  The Recycle A Cup® cutter works with the majority of coffee pod designs such as K-Cup® and similar brands. However, the cutter may not work with all brands due to small differences in pod sizes, materials and thicknesses. Please use the Recycle A Cup® cutter to get a feel for how it works with your favorite pod brand.

Step 1: Load

  • Wait for your used coffee pod to cool.
  • Load the pod into the cutter.

Step 2: Twist

  • Press both green buttons.
  • Keep buttons pressed and twist once completely around the pod.

Step 3: Separate

  • Release both buttons.
  • Remove upper part of the pod from the plastic.

Re-Purpose or Recycle & Compost

  • Recycle or reuse the plastic pod.
  • Recycle the aluminum top.
  • Compost the paper and coffee grinds.

Even if you throw out the pod top with the filter still attached, the filter and coffee grinds can now decompose vs. being trapped in the plastic and you are still making a nice environmental contribution.

How To Recycle K-Cups