Five Ways to Reuse Coffee Pods


Single-serve coffee machines make brewing the perfect cup incredibly quick and easy. However, their convenience comes with a trade-off – the coffee pod that’s left over after brewing must be disposed of responsibly. Otherwise, it will end up in a landfill where it will remain for hundreds – if not thousands – of years.

Luckily, with the Recycle a Cup® cutter, you can easily separate each part of the coffee pod. This makes it possible to dispose of your pod responsibly. However, if you’d rather not recycle your used pods, there are many ways to repurpose them.

Below, we’re breaking down five different ways to reuse single-serve coffee pods.

1. Educational Toys for Toddlers

Coffee pods can be a great way to play educational games with your toddler. Once you’ve saved up several pods, you and your children can use them to:

  • Build towers, pyramids, and other structures.
  • Recognize colors and sort accordingly.
  • Learn how to count.
  • Create patterns and designs.

Not only are coffee pods the perfect size for tiny hands, but they also offer endless opportunities for fun – the only limit is your imagination.

2. Storage for Miscellaneous Items

Coffee pods are the perfect shape and size for storing a variety of small items, such as beads, buttons, paperclips, and more. They’re especially helpful if you want to keep office or craft supplies neatly organized, but they can be used for anything that will fit in them.

To help prevent your coffee pods from tipping over, try gluing them to a thin piece of cardboard. You can also decoupage or add washi tape to the cups to match them to your preferred design scheme.

3. Mini Planters for Seedlings

Did you know that you can use old coffee pods to grow seeds? They’re a great size for little seedlings, and you can easily transfer sprouted plants once they grow too big for the pod. There’s even an existing hole in the bottom to provide adequate drainage.

To use coffee pods for gardening, partially fill them up with soil and insert your seeds. Then, cover the seeds with an appropriate amount of soil, and place the pods on something that can catch any water drainage.

4. Holiday Decorations

During the holiday season, get creative and reuse coffee pods as various decorations. In need of some ideas? Try the following festive crafts:

  • Paint your coffee pods and attach a bell or bow to create a little ornament.
  • Paint used cups red with a black belt and attach some cotton on top to create Santa-like candy holders.
  • Cover your pods with fabric and number each one to create an advent calendar.

5. Mini Bowling Game?

Looking for a rainy-day activity for kids of all ages? Try mini-bowling! To create a miniature bowling game, simply set up some coffee pods at one end of a table and grab a bouncy ball or marble. Roll the ball and see who can knock over the most pods.

Recycle and Reuse Your Coffee Pods with Help from Recycle a Cup

These are just a few of the many ways you can repurpose used coffee pods. For more information about how to recycle or reuse coffee pods, contact us today!